Former ACCEPT Singer DAVID REECE Discusses 'Any Time At All' Song (Video)


Former ACCEPT and BONFIRE singer David Reece will release his long-awaited new solo album, “Resilient Heart”, on November 9 through Mighty Music. The follow-up to 2013’s “Compromise” is an LP “rich on full-blown melodic heavy metal,” according to a press release.

The first single from “Resilient Heart”, “Any Time At All”, is a wonderful heavy rocker with a touch of David Coverdale and WHITESNAKE inspiration — a song with a powerful riff and a strong verse leading up to a bombastic singalong chorus, whereas a song like “Perfect Apocalypse” stands out with its progressive PRETTY MAIDS-inspired elements.

A new 30-second clip in which Reece talks about “Any Time At All” can be seen below.

Reece says about the single: “‘Any Time At All’ is the first song of the new album and also the first single.

“I’m a person about challenges. Lyrically, it speaks about how to stand up against anything someone will throw at me. So, you got the challenge — I got the will — any time at all.”

On “Resilient Heart”, Reece has teamed up with the Danish musicians Marco Angioni (guitar), Martin J. Andersen (guitar), Malte Frederik Burkert (bass) and Sigurd J. Jensen (drums).

“Resilient Heart” comes with two different track listings — one for CD/digital and one for the limited blood-red vinyl edition (500 copies).

CD/digital track listing:

01. Any Time At All

02. Wicked City Blues

03. Karma

04. Desire

05. I Don’t Know Why

06. Two Coins

07. Ain’t Got The Balls

08. Forest Through The Trees

09. Perfect Apocalypse

10. Live Before You Die

11. I’m The One

Vinyl track listing:

Side A

01. Karma

02. Any Time At All

03. I Don’t Know Why

04. I’m The One

05. Forest Through The Trees

Side B

06. Perfect Apocalypse

07. Heart Of Stone

08. What About Yesterday

09. Two Coins

10. Live Before You Die


Vocals: David Reece

Guitar: Marco Angioni

Guitar: Martin J. Andersen

Bass: Malte Frederik Burkert

Drums: Sigurd J. Jensen

Former ACCEPT Singer DAVID REECE Discusses 'Any Time At All' Song (Video)