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After visiting Meek Mill in Prison Colin Kaepernick relays a message –

After finally being released from 23 hour lockdown in solitary confinement Meek Mill finally had a visitor. First Meek was transferred from the State Correctional Institution in Camp Hill, PA to a medium security facility 120 miles West, in Chester which now allows him a visitor. That visitor was none other then Colin Kaepernick. After

Police Report reveals Lil Peep overdosed on Heroin Full details inside –

We finally are now getting real information on what happened the night rap star Lil Peep was found dead on his tour bus. According to the police report Peeps manager saw him early Wednesday morning (Nov 15) on their tour bus. Later around 5.45 pm Peep went in for a quick nap. About two hours

Video of Barack Obama daughter Malia Obama making out with white boy at Harvard-Yale tailgate

A video has been released which shows the former President the United States Barack Obama daughter Malia Obama making out with a white boy at a Harvard-Yale tailgate. In the video you can see the boy gripping on President Obama’s daughter but while kissing her. Wonder what Barack thinks. Check the video below and let

Video of Ralo saying Money Bagg Yo paid promoter $7,500 to not let him in

The Ralo and MoneyBagg Yo beef literally came out nowhere. Last night it was revealed per Ralo that MoneyBagg tried to have him held at the door a venue they both was suppose to perform at. Ralo said MoneyBagg tried to pay the promoter $7,500 to not let him in. Check all the post below

Video of Jay Z Calling himself King of Cleveland responding to Lebron James King Of New York

Last Week Lebron James posted a picture himself standing on the Knicks center court logo with the caption “King New York. Well it Seems Jay Z did not take that all to well. Jay who was doing a showing in Cleveland last night stop his show to let Lebron know that. So in response Jay

Video of Drake saying Free Meek Mill while performing in Austrailia –

Its been so long that one may forget that Meek Mill and Drake use to be very tight! Thanks to their beef that seems so long ago. Since then Meek is back locked up and Drake may have extended his hand for peace. While performing in Australia Drake stopped his show and said Free Meek

Popular Alabama rapper Bambino Gold decaying body found in the woods

Popular Alabama rapper Bambino Gold’s decaying body was found in the woods. Bambino went missing over 5 days ago when family and friends reported no contact with him. Bambino Gold, born Edward Reeves and his cousin Kendrick Stokes were driven a 2016 Honda CRV headed for the Alabama state fair when they went missing. According

Iggy Azalea naked twerk video released

Iggy Azalea has ficially broken the internet with this twerk video. We all knew Iggy was thick, but damn we aint know it shake like that. Wonder if Nick Young and French Montana want that old thing back yet. Check video below and tell us what yall think on Nov 17, 2017 at 8:58pm PST

NBA Players Clown Lonzo Ball because he ran from fight during Suns and Lakers game

Lonzo Ball is the butt internet jokes this morning. A skirmish kicked f involving Suns and Laker players and instead running to the fight like his whole team did Lonzo walked f. Well people in the NBA are not feeling that choice by Lonzo. Calling him selfish and a coward. Check the videos belwo and

Ol' Dirty Bastard son ODB Jr. plays his dad in his BioPic Raw movie trailer inside

Ol’ Dirty Bastard son ODB Jr releases a 5 minute movie trailer. The movie is called ODB Raw and ODB Jr is playing his dad. The filmed is rumored to be released independently thru his company. Check the trailer below and tell us what yall think

Judge blocks Meek Mill's upcoming bail hearing citing clerical error –

It was reported that Meek Mill was granted a rush Bail hearing after FBI found the Judge who sentenced Meek in error. Well it seems that Judge found a way to get this bail hearing canceled. Reason being a clerical error on filing his paperwork According to Philadelphia CBS 3 reporter David Spunt. He added

Birdman disses Lil Wayne after seeing Dedication 6 "Fuck Cash Money" cover art

Just Monday Lil Wayne released the cover art for his Dedication 6 mixtape “Fuck Cash Money”. It seems Birdman was not feeling that at all and decided to send his own shot. Birdman posted a picture a Louis Vuitton toilet which is over $100,000 and in the caption he wrote “I’m buyin this B***h got

Actual video Footage of Migos beating up XXXtentacion and his crew running

Video was finally released the rumor fight that took place yesterday in Los Angeles. X was first to break the news, he went on his Instagram account and warned his fans that they might hear rumors him being beat up. X described it has him being jumped by Migos entourage and security. In the video

Young Thug says Fuck 21 Savage and says he never was a gangsta on Twitter-

This is a fairly new one that came completly from left field. We have no prior knowledge Young Thug and 21 Savage beefing. For all we could tell is they got along good. Well something hit the fan and Thugger put it out there. Thug tweeted “If @21savage don’t fuck with a nigga, I don’t

Lil Wayne releases artwork for his new Mixtape Dedication 6 "Fu*k Cash Money"

The Lil Wayne and Birdman beef has been going on for a little over 2 years now and the only ones to really suffer are us the fans. Why you ask; because ultimately only the music is being held back. Wayne is suing Birdman for over $50 Million dollars and in response Birdman will not